Is it a conversation or a campaign?

The evolution of social media has led to brands and consumers getting in sync. Today, conversations happen between the brand and consumer, as well as between consumers and other consumers, and the scale increases exponentially as more social tools become mainstream.

Sometimes the consumer actually leads the conversations with brands. Savvy brands are learning to listen, communicate, and share in new ways to ensure their message and their brand are represented well in the new digital democracy.

3 Social Keys -
  • Be relevant
  • Be everywhere consumers are
  • Be brand-consistent
Social Media Management-Social Media Manager
Try not to push a marketing message; rather, be authentic in the brand voice and make it appropriate for social media.

You want to be able to recognize the brand's voice, to make the voice consistent but make it relevant to social media. Whatever touches your consumer needs to have a consistent tone, but done with a human voice.

Brands can validate the consumer, but now the consumer also validates the brands.

Try not to think of social as a media type - it's a fundamental shift in our culture, customers just wanting to engage with businesses.

Our best advice is to start slowly and build your strategy step-by-step.
From the onset, make sure you clearly understand whom you need to be targeting with your social media tactics. Identify the decision-makers for your products and services, and then determine their information needs.

How can you engage this audience?
What information are they looking for before they buy?

Social Media Connextion can help you determine the answers to these questions and more. So get connected - get plugged in.

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Check out this infographic, which is looking to answer the question:
Who is the biggest player in the location-based landscape?
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